Research Paper Writing Help Guide

access_timeMarch 22, 2018

What is Research Paper

A definition of Research Paper is as follows:

A research paper is a presentation of findings after you have investigated a topic. How do you conduct the investigation? You do this by accumulating primary and secondary sources. Relevant sources must be evaluated, and here is where you need to use your critical thinking skills.

Purpose of Research Paper

Purpose of Research Paper is to interpret material and offer a unique perspective, solution, or answer:

  • Suggesting how an issue or process can be improved
  • Highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of material
  • Learning how to evaluate the work of others
  • Expanding on and adding to existing thoughts

Types of Research Papers

Students present findings in various forms depending on the question requirements. The two most popular forms are:

By purpose:

Argumentative Research Paper

This paper persuades readers to accept a theory that is controversial or debatable. The writer offers a stance in the introduction — in their thesis statement — and then argues in favor of the position. Using credible primary and secondary sources, they convince readers of a unique viewpoint.

Analytical Research Paper

The purpose is to explore the answer to a question about a topic. Writers don’t stick to a particular side. They analyze a range of viewpoints and include enough support based on strong sources. This way, readers can make their own conclusions. Critical evaluation is essential!

By Format:

General Research Paper

This format is appropriate for writing in the humanities. Logical arrangement and critical analysis help readers to understand your deductions. A general research paper contains three main sections — an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You also need to consider if the paper is argumentative, analytical, or one of the other types.

Scientific Research Paper

A scientific research paper uses a more rigid structure to present findings and methods. This creates a system of uniformity to deliver data to the scientific community. Because of its structure, people can obtain information from a scientific paper in different ways — they can browse the abstract or go straight to tables and results.

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Steps to Writing a Good Research Paper

Choosing a Topic

  • Try to find a topic that truly interests you
  • Try writing your way to a topic
  • Talk with your course instructor and classmates about your topic
  • Pose your topic as a question to be answered or a problem to be solved
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