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access_timeApril 2, 2018

The Classes That You Should Be Taking in College

We all know that resumes are important. We all know that job searching is important. We all know that earning a position in a field that we love is important.

However, what many college students fail to realize is the drastic importance of taking courses that will be life-long assistants to their future, regardless of their major.

In order to be well-rounded and prepared for the real world, students should consider enrolling in courses that don’t necessarily tie into their major, but offer a unique perspective of society.

Not only will the following suggested courses give you more advanced knowledge going into job interviews, but they will allow you to explore with your talents, thoughts, and ideas.

1. Introduction to Microeconomics

Taking a course in finances can, of course, teach you how to keep track of your money and spend responsibly. But microeconomics is something more. It doesn’t focus solely on the individual. It provides a baseline for how our economy works, and how we as consumers can be affected by (or affect ourselves) companies and the government. These three branches of the economy tie together in ways that most students don’t understand, because they haven’t had the chance to study it. Since you are the next generation of world leaders, knowledge of basic economics (specifically microeconomics) can be extremely useful, especially if you ever consider starting your own business or diving into entrepreneurship. It will also allow you to better understand the financial and economic side of a new job. In an interview, that’s a big plus.

2. Introduction to Sociology

Knowledge of how people work, think, and act in society can be unbelievably useful in the working world. Imagine being able to pinpoint the reason why individuals are acting the way that they are. Not only will you better understand the news, your peers, and your friends, but you’ll come to a better understanding of yourself in the process. You’ll also be able to adjust your actions and reactions to a deeper sense of respect for others. In contrast with psychology, which focuses on the individual and the way their mind works, sociology focuses on patterns in the world around you. Basically, it’s all about what makes people tick.

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3. Introduction to Computer Science

Computer science is, perhaps, one of the most understudied skills in America today. Of course, there are students who are wonderful at programming and have a knack for working with codes. The rest of us tend to overlook the subject, altogether. But, if students took the time to introduce themselves to computer science, they would likely find a series of helpful skills that they didn’t even know they were capable of using. Experience with computers, programming, and basic coding can help in nearly every job position, and might even be the reason that you get a promotion over someone else. These particular skills are invaluable, and employers will jump at the chance to work with someone who can provide input on their computer system.

4. Intercultural Relations

Of all of the courses listed here, intercultural relations is the most important, by far. In today’s economy, we work more with immigrants and international citizens than ever before. We’ve learned that, in order to succeed, we must all work together. But that doesn’t mean our cultures and morals line up perfectly with one another. We were all raised in different environments, and taught to think in different ways. By taking an intercultural relations course, you are helping minimize the gap. You’ll have a better understanding of other cultures, allowing you to work more compatibly in your position.

5. Any Literature Course

Yes, taking an English course can be a nightmare for some students, who hate to read and write. Not everyone loves cracking open a book. But, aside from taking a composition course, enrolling in a literature course might be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Imagine a class where you read one book each week, then discuss it for an hour or two. Think about all of the things that you could learn about yourself, others, and the way people think, simply by reading. A good literature course works very much like a book club. You are given the opportunity to work with a medium, and then share your opinions with other people. These kinds of courses are great practice for the real world, and they help develop your sense of deeper knowledge.

These are just a few of the suggested courses that can help you earn the respect of your future employer, in the long run. College (for most students) only takes place over a span of four years. You should take advantage of every opportunity while you can. If you have room for electives and free time, fill your schedule with courses that are going to make you well-rounded and ready for anything. Many times, these end up being the classes that you remember.

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